Independent Examination

 We conduct independent examination for:

  1. Registered Charities
  2. Incorporated Charities
  3. Non registered Charities
  4. Tenants & Residents Associations (Limited by Guarantee)
  5. Social Enterprises

Our independent examination is thoroughly carried out with the list of the following information requested from our clients for the year being audited:

  1. Cash received book
  2. Cash paid book
  3. Petty cash book
  4. Bank statements
  5. Bank paying-in books and cheque book stubs
  6. All letters and cheque counterfoils relating to receipts- e.g.  confirmation of grants receivable
  7. All bank reconciliations done during the year
  8. All invoices relating to payments
  9. All invoices which have been paid up to three months after the year end
  10. All salary records including Pay As You Earn (if applicable)
  11. Details of capital expenditure during the year
  12. Minutes of the last Annual General Meeting
  13. Copy of the organisation’s constitution
  14. Copy of previous year’s accounts
  15. List of amounts owed to other people at the year end
  16. List of amounts owed by other people at the year end
  17. Details of all management committee members who held office during the year
  18. Any other  relevant information

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What You Said About Us

"I believe that the trainer delivered the training properly and it was refreshing and also I can translate the knowledge obtained into my daily life and work"
Philip Ikhiromnagbe, Immigrants Information Centre

"The training was very relevant to him and the organisation and the trainer was explicit in his explanation"
Emmanuel Sheriff, Immigrants Information Centre

"Everything went on smoothly and the trainer was excellent and helpful"
Florence Emakpose, World of Hope