Having the right foundation is very important in every area of life. It`s no different with money. Good financial systems will promote the right financial attitude and practice. They will also reduce the risk of errors, fraud and enable you to track your organisation`s income and expenditure.

 Keeping a record of Income and Expenditure is just the first stage of managing your organisation’s money.

 We want to assist you in understanding why it is important to keep proper accounts and records and to develop your basic book-keeping skills. This can also help you to prepare your end-of-year accounts conveniently.

We provide bookkeeping training.

By the end of the courses participants will be able to:

  • compile their organisation`s receipts and payments accounts
  • set up and maintain a system that tracks their organisation`s petty cash payments.
  • set up and maintain their organisation`s cash-book system
  • keep track of their organisation`s banking transactions
  • produce an income and expenditure report
  • prepare a balance sheet from the organisation’s income and expenditure account
  • understand how to present accounts in the Statement of Recommended Practice (SORP) 2005 format
  • close their accounting records at the end of the financial year

 These courses will benefit anyone who handles or is responsible for money, volunteers and management members. It is also suitable for those with little or no knowledge of accounting or book-keeping.


What You Said About Us

"I believe that the trainer delivered the training properly and it was refreshing and also I can translate the knowledge obtained into my daily life and work"
Philip Ikhiromnagbe, Immigrants Information Centre

"The training was very relevant to him and the organisation and the trainer was explicit in his explanation"
Emmanuel Sheriff, Immigrants Information Centre

"Everything went on smoothly and the trainer was excellent and helpful"
Florence Emakpose, World of Hope