Welcome to Local Accountancy Project

The Local Accountancy Project, LAP, was established in July 1986 as a registered charity to address the fact that many small voluntary and community sector organisations including faith groups have difficulties in managing their finances.

Small organisations rarely have access to financial expertise, and those that take on responsibility for the finances often have little, if any, training in financial management. Executive members sometimes avoid addressing financial issues due to lack of understanding, and even fear of financial matters.

Through the services we provide for the sector, we are successfully increasing the skills and understanding of staff, volunteers, directors, chief executives, management committee members/ trustees and providing groups with financial expertise.


What You Said About Us

"I believe that the trainer delivered the training properly and it was refreshing and also I can translate the knowledge obtained into my daily life and work"
Philip Ikhiromnagbe, Immigrants Information Centre

"The training was very relevant to him and the organisation and the trainer was explicit in his explanation"
Emmanuel Sheriff, Immigrants Information Centre

"Everything went on smoothly and the trainer was excellent and helpful"
Florence Emakpose, World of Hope